The Five Stages of Grief | Victoria Siemer

Denial | Anger | Bargaining | Depression | Acceptance 

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Terra’s Endless List of Favourite Films →  Jumanji (1995)

What do you mean “the game thinks”?
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my uncle’s dog max

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Lake View Cemetery: The Haserot Angel 

It’s called the Angel of Death Victorious. Due to an effect of weathering and erosion on the bronze, the statue appears to be weeping black tears at all times. 

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Get your coat, love. The doctor is in.

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Claire danes, Leonardo dicaprio and baz luhrmann in romeo and juliet (1996).

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Marilyn Monroe on the set of “Clash by Night”, 1952

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"You know, one of the first things I’ve noticed that has changed about Aaron is that he’s actually able to talk in front of people now. One of the first publicity appearances we ever made was backstage at a show, and he looks like he’s going to vomit, and he’s edging back and forth and back and forth and I say, "are you okay?" and he, "No, man. I’m not okay. I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I can’t do this!"… Now you can do it! Look at this! You did a great job. You said some wonderful things about me, but I want to say some wonderful things about you. We were, uh, we were working on the first season and there was… out in the middle of the desert, we’re cooking, it’s hot. It’s hot hot hot! In Albaquerque it’s very hot, it’s— and it gets really hot, and we were working on this scene were we’re sweating and we were rolling around and we’ve just broke for lunch, and we’re walking and Aaron and I are walking towards the van to go to lunch and, uh, wiping the sweat and the dust and the dirt out of our eyes, and he said, "Isn’t this great?" and I said, "That’s my wish for you. I hope you always feel how blessed we are and realize how lucky we are."… and that’s Aaron Paul. He is a man who always understands the blessings in life and, uh, how lucky we are, and he is a phenomenal actor. He is a person who is, uh, always willing to do the extra work, always willing to be there for you— to give a hundred procent, even if you’re off camera. He’s always there for you, and you’ve grown so much, too. But I would say this, that as good as you are an actor, you’re an even better person. You’re my friend for life, that will never change. I love you, God bless you and… I can’t—" [Aaron hugs him] “— I’ll miss you.”


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